• Do you offer refunds if I can no longer race?

    Full refunds are offered until June 1st as long as we were able to fill your teams spot with another from the waiting list. Click here for more details.

  • Can I switch from one distance to another?

    If the race you want to switch to is not sold out, then we can most likely accommodate this. To find out if the race is sold out or not, please go to RunSignUp and search for the race you’re interested in. If the race is sold out, RunSignUp will show that.

  • What is provided at aid stations on course?

    The race will provide a foldable flask (we are a cupless course) for water and Precision Hydration (electrolyte) at aid stations. Redd Bars will also be available at select aid stations. We suggest you discuss with your teammate your nutrition strategy and carry with you anything else you think you may need. In past years, enterprising young islander children have set up lemonade stands out on the course so make sure to tuck a few extra $1 bills into your wetsuit too! They will come in handy!

  • The race is sold out. How can I take part?

    We have a handful of remaining spots in our new Solo Category. Email us at to see if there are still volunteer opportunities that may allow you to get into the race via a volunteer route. For all of our races that are lotteries, you can volunteer the year before and receive a bypass the following year.

  • What are cut-offs?

    Cut-offs are designated times by which athletes need to have ARRIVED AND LEFT a particular aid station to continue on the course. This helps our race organization coordinate with our marine safety course officials and make sure everyone is safe.

  • What happens if I don't make a cut-off?

    As these cut-off times are for safety and the sake of our volunteers, we appreciate your full cooperation. If you don’t leave the aid station before the cut-off time, please accept your fate with grace. Volunteers will help you find a ride or ferry to the finish or you will go to the finish line with them when the aid station closes, where we hope you’ll celebrate the day with us. We take this rule very seriously and a violation of this policy could result in a ban from future races.

  • I would like to volunteer. How do I get signed up to volunteer?

    The races would not happen without our wonderful volunteers! If you would like to volunteer you can register on RunSignUp for whichever race you are interested in working or you can email us at for more options! All volunteers are highly encouraged to join us at the post-race party where all volunteers eat and drink for free. All volunteers earn preferential race entry depending on the length of their volunteer shift.